Commentary and Notices

As a mother and a grandmother, I know just how hard it is to take children to Church. Sitting still for an hour is challenging for young children and the effort of keeping them engaged is often more draining than rewarding for parents. This is particularly the case when the services are aimed at an adult congregation as most of ours necessarily are. Amazingly there are a few parents who preserver and regularly bring their children to worship across the Benefice, we are grateful to them, but what of the rest?

Drigg PCC and I have been giving some thought to those for whom it is too difficult to attend Church and wondering if there is anything we can do to help. We thought what might help is if parents knew that there is a place they can go to worship where their children will be welcomed and catered for every Sunday at a set time. So, from January we are launching

“Family Friendly Worship at Drigg every Sunday at 11.00am.”

This is what the programme will look like. On the first and third Sunday’s of the month there will a Communion Service for the adults with children activities relating to the readings. The activities will take place at the back of church and the children will have an opportunity to share what they have been learning at the end of the service. On the second Sunday of the month there will be an all-age Communion which the children will be able to fully participate in. The fourth Sunday will be a family service.

If you would like your children to grow up feeling at home in Church but you feel daunted by the prospect of bringing them, why not try Drigg’s Family Friendly programme as an introduction. Starting in January it may just be the answer for parents of young children who want to worship as a family.

St Catherine’s Church Services,Heating and Boiler installation

 While waiting for the necessary permissions to install a new heating system , all services that are scheduled to be held at St Catherine’s  will be held instead at St Bega’s Church. We hope that the new system will be installed later in the year! Watch this space!!