Out walking with friends yesterday I spotted two rather straggly trees growing close together. Neither had much to recommend them but looking back from a different angle I realised that superimposed upon one  another these two rather plain trees actually made a very attractive single tree.

While this landscape we live in is beautiful and its remoteness something to be cherished in out busy world living here has its drawbacks. Perhaps the major issue is that people to do things are in short supply. Everyone with the inclination to get involved with community activities tends to have several different roles, supporting a number of different organisations.

Maybe what we need to be doing is building partnerships; looking for groups that share our values and have goals that inspire us. Identifying pieces of work that would benefit our communities and coming together to achieve them.  

A partnership can encompass a long term commitment or a relatively brief piece of shared work but they are always goal orientated. They grow out of a shared vision for what is needed in any one place. Shared vision develops out of conversation. 

So lets start a conversation about what is needed, lets say... in Eskdale. We have a Village Hall which is in poor repair, and has limited parking. It is situated below St Bega's Church, so access is not straight forward. Despite the best efforts of a  hard working Village Hall Committee the facility is not well used. 

The village hall committee, the school and the church are talking together about how the space can best be used for the community. If there are other groups or individuals in Eskdale who have ideas or would like to join the conversation please let me know. Its only as we come together in partnership that we will find the resources we need to do something significant for the common good.