For some years there have been separate websites for various, previously separate parts of the new Benefice. There are currently websites for the Blackcombe Churches and the old Eskdale Benefice. Both these websites have provided information for both residents and visitors and will continue to do so for some time to come. The updated version of Eskdale Benefice's website has included information about St Peter's Church in Drigg as well as providing a seamless connection to the website of the Blackcombe Churches. 

It would be premature to rename the current Eskdale website as that would cause confusion, but what I intend is to provide a new name, an alias, that more accurately reflects our new identity but which will connect the user to the existing website without any further user interaction. This will mean that both the original name and the alias can be used interchangeably. I would anticipate that this will in use before Easter.

If anybody has any questions, please email me via this website