Next time you're at St John's, look at the porch roof. There's a stone cross over the door which stands out as different to most of the rest of the building. 

Thanks to Jackie Oakes we have found out more about when it was put there and why. 

In 1889 Arthur Loftie wrote about churches in the diocese of Gosforth. 

He writes about St John's...…………."In 1825 it had fallen into very bad repair and the churchyard into great disorder. ….Reverend Joseph Stanley, with a parishioner... thoroughly repaired the building... A large collection of broken carved stones in the churchyard points to the fact that the original church must have been very ornamental; these remains were too fragmentary to be worth preserving, except the little cross over the porch and a few pieces of window tracery....

I wonder where all those pieces went! 

If you visit the church to see the daffodils, now is a good time, (and see if you can spot the pieces of window tracery, still where they were put almost 200 years ago).